Our Technology

InnovaSystems takes a best of breed approach to the utilization of specific technologies in a project.

InnovaSystems leverages our customers’ investment when selecting the technologies and approaches used in developing the right solution. To stay abreast of the ever-changing marketplace, we maintain an active research team that is responsible for identifying and testing cutting-edge technologies. Once proven, these can be appropriately utilized to create state-of-the-art applications. By utilizing agile practices, we can blend our subject matter expertise with the latest technologies to quickly create compelling and effective solutions that offer performance and value.

Integrated Solutions

Integrating diverse solutions is vital in today’s technology industry. We understand that it’s very important for heterogeneous systems to work together in loosely coupled but highly cohesive ways. We maintain expertise in many technologies and approaches such as advanced analytics, SQL/Oracle/DB2, cloud/client computing, responsive web design/single page applications, JavaScript frameworks, and Web API. By refining and extending the range of our skills, we are able to offer our customers the best and most efficient solutions to their problems.

Sharpening Technology Skills

InnovaSystems is continuously seeking highly motivated, lifelong learners who are passionate about expanding their technology knowledge and capabilities.  We provide the tools, infrastructure and learning opportunities to ensure our engineering teams maintain a competitive edge.  Learning tools such as Pluralsight, Lynda and Safari Books are made available to all teammates.  By attending leading industry events such as Build, WPC, Interconnect, WWDC, Agile Alliance, and SEPG, our engineers stay in tune with industry trends.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is a set of methodologies, processes, architectures, and key technologies that convert data into meaningful and useful information used to enable more effective business insights and decision-making. Business intelligence also includes technologies, such as data integration, data quality, data warehousing, master data management, and text/content analytics. InnovaSystems leverages these technologies to provide key services to organizations including: custom/self-service reporting, online analytical processing, data mining, process mining, complex event processing, business performance management, benchmarking, unstructured data mining, and predictive analytics. Our engineering teams have developed a wide assortment of solutions based on the Microsoft and IBM Business Intelligence suites.