Development of high-quality, robust applications is only half of the equation when it comes to overall customer satisfaction.

At InnovaSystems, we understand the critical importance of continued support for our systems. Typically, our projects do not end when the system is deployed, but rather are “living” projects that continue to grow and evolve over time.

Extranet Tools

As part of our commitment to supporting our customer base, InnovaSystems has developed a corporate extranet that allows our customers to more effectively collaborate with our development teams and support staff. This extranet plays an important role in our organization, as its rich set of functionality supports many facets of the company’s workflow. We continuously invest in this area of our operations, as we are keenly aware of the value that it adds to our organization. As new technologies for collaboration are becoming available, we are moving rapidly to deploy them for the benefit of our team members and customers.

Sharepoint Solutions

We develop and support Microsoft SharePoint solutions that enable our customers to share ideas and expertise and find the right information to support important decisions.

Internal Management Systems

At InnovaSystems we have extensive knowledge building and supporting internal management systems to support our customers.

Azure DevOps

Our development teams leverage team foundation server and sophisticated processes to manage maintain and build solutions.

Customer Support

InnovaSystems takes pride in supporting all the products in our portfolio. We strive to be responsive and provide effective responsive assistance.

Part of developing software is supporting, assisting and training users to leverage the full potential of the software. We at InnovaSystems take this very seriously; and throughout the life of the company we’ve had great success supporting our customers and users with a hands on approach that exceeds current industry standards. We intend on maintaining this level of support because it has played such a vital role in our past and is one of the keystones of our future.

If you have any customer support questions or inquiries please contact us.