Our Products

At InnovaSystems, we believe that technology and readiness software combined with innovative solutions is the way to the forefront of preparing our military to protect us.

Technology is ever-changing and the military must be prepared on a moment’s notice to jump into action.

We remain agile and responsive to urgent customer requirements and provide the most efficient solutions by truly understanding our customer’s business, problems and needs.

Our products supply leading edge solutions for many government agencies including DoD, federal, state, and local.

Read about our exciting products below to learn more about diverse systems we support.

Our Products

The following are some of the core products we proudly support and continue to innovate.


The Defense Readiness Reporting System (DRRS) is an enterprise SIPRNet web application that provides a common framework for the entire US military to enter unit readiness reports. The DRRS then aggregates this data for Senior Leaders to evaluate the readiness and capability of U.S. Armed Forces to carry out assigned and potential missions.


The Language Readiness Index (LRI) is a strategic, web-based enterprise that enables senior leadership in the Department of Defense to track, search, and manage language capabilities and Geographic Combatant Command capability requirements.


Innova’s National Guard DRRS team delivers strategic readiness subject matter expertise and DRRS mission training to support domestic operations for the NGB, Army Guard, Air Guard, and all 54 U.S. States and Territories.


The Navy Training Information Management System (NTIMS) is a web-based application that allows the US Navy to plan, execute, and assess Navy Readiness Training. NTIMS is the authoritative data source for Navy Mission Essential Task List.


A suite of highly integrated web applications that use governed data to display the assessed readiness posture of Navy units and defined Navy groups.


The NRRE-BI project provides business analytic visualizations, metrics and critical data distribution leveraging authoritative data collected throughout the DoD and US Navy. 


Navy Reserve Readiness Module (NRRM) enhances management and support of the Navy Reserve in manpower, personnel, training, readiness, mobilization and administration of drilling reservist.

DRRS Afloat

A shipboard application that enables vessels to provide DOD mandated readiness assessments under all conditions including in electromagnetically denied environments.


GFM NOS is a web-enabled application that has an integrated suite of data management and data loading tools used to capture, store, display, and disseminate the Navy’s Force Structure data to the DoD/DoN readiness reporting systems such DRRS, NRAS, AGT, GFM ETS, SPAWAR/RMI, Orion, Joint Staff, etc.


The Sierra Hotel Aviation Reporting Program (SHARP) is a web-based application accessed globally by Fleet and FRS Naval aviation units ashore and in deployed shipboard environments. It enables aviators to capture post flight information, syllabus grade sheets, and fleet training and readiness data for calculating squadron readiness levels.


The SHARP Learning Management System (LMS) is used by the Air Combat Training System (ACTS) to deliver classified courseware, reference documents, and syllabus tracking capabilities to Fleet and FRS Squadrons.


The Carrier – Sierra Hotel Aviation Reporting Program (CV-SHARP) is a web-based application that is used by all US Navy Aircraft Carriers to record and report training readiness for shipboard personnel.