We Prepare them to protect us

The strength of our organization is the unique talents and abilities of each of our team members, combined with the core values and flexibility of the company. Whether you are analysts, engineers, architects, developers, testers, writers, systems engineers, functional experts, support staff, or managers, everyone at InnovaSystems has an important role to play. Our culture fosters creativity and enthusiasm, allowing each individual to express their strengths, while working synergistically with others to continually advance common goals. Our employees are passionate, highly motivated, and intellectually adept, always trying to discover better ways to meet new and ongoing challenges. Our leadership philosophy embraces these characteristics, while providing structure and guidance that allows individual efforts to converge into a cohesive whole that represents the InnovaSystems tradition of excellence. When we started InnovaSystems back in 1997, we set out to create a different kind of company. We wanted to establish an organization that had an important contribution to supporting national security, lived up to its values, and that produced quality work for honest pay. But more than that, we wanted to form a company where the employees would feel good about the contribution they made each day, would be fairly compensated for their efforts, and where we would all work hard while maintaining balance in our lives and having a little fun along the way. In short, we wanted to create a company that everyone would want to join.

Employer of Choice

Our employees recognize InnovaSystems as a place where professional growth, personal contribution, and mission relevance converge and create an unparalleled working experience. We empower and inspire our people to perform at their maximum potential. We strive to maintain a unique environment, where employees improve our mission capability with open-door practices that encourage the free sharing of ideas, the ability to capitalize on a culture of excellence, and eliminate areas of inefficiency. We will continue to clarify project roles of responsibility and accountability by minimizing redundancies and eliminating critical gaps. We seek to leverage leading edge technologies while offering supporting enrichment opportunities to realize the full value and potential of our technological capabilities.

Investment of Choice

Our financial health along witth confidence from our stakeholders in our ability to perform as a business, are keys to our existence. Our goal is to establish a reputation of strong financial stability based on factors of revenue, net income (profitability), cash flow, and reasonable cost, resulting in low financial risk and a Company that customers and employees can rely on at any time. Each day we challenge ourselves to improve our common processes, standards, and procedures to increase our business efficiency and to satisfy our customers and employees. We continually strive to maintain an effective balance between controlling and managing operational costs, while making every effort to provide the best tools and talent possible to produce the greatest value to our customers. Opportunities favor the prepared, and if we maintain excellence in all three of our standard operating objectives, we stand poised to capitalize on opportunities that require our ability to respond rapidly with excellence.

Provider of Choice

We strive to be the leading provider of services and solutions that support national security and the authoritative systems provider for Global Force Management and Military Readiness. Our detailed understanding of our customers’ business domain and knowledge of their tactical and strategic challenges will further strengthen our customers’ confidence and trust in InnovaSystems. As a result, InnovaSystems will be known for delivering rapid, affordable solutions that solve real-world problems. Our solutions will be known for excellence in responsiveness, timeliness, and value. Our goal is that through a committed focus on excellence in customer satisfaction, our business will grow mostly through the promotion and validation of our existing customers.