Our Services

Core Competencies

Our unique Agile Software Development Lifecycle is at the center of everything we do. It allows us to consistently deliver high-quality, value-driven increments of capability to our customers with less cost and delay than our competitors.

We draw great satisfaction from the positive feedback provided by our sponsors and end users in response to the tremendous success of our products. The process defines and integrates all the necessary competencies to ensure full lifecycle support including: Analysis, Architecture, Design and User Experience, Documentation, Engineering, Test, Build, Release, Training, Operations, and DevSecOps. Our commitment to partnering with our customers has provided us the opportunity expand into new competencies in Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Cloud Migration. 

Agile Software Development

Tiered Agile approach, highly tailored to military requirements, and heavily automated using our cloud-based development SaaS implementation. Certified CMMI DEV 2.0 Level III.

Data Management

Highly aligned to DoD Data Management Strategy. Make data: trustworthy, interoperable, secure, visible, understandable, and accessible.

Data Analytics

IBM COGNOS, MS PowerBI, Tableau, Spark, Hadoop, Azure SQL, Data Lakes, Databricks, Synapse, and other cloud and on-premises solutions.

On-Site Services

Easy access to onsite training, technical, and engineering expertise. Classroom and electronic training support. 99.8% system up-time. Off-hours support via help desk with guaranteed response times.