Employee Life

Employee life

A unique workplace environment that fosters a culture of excellence, collaboration and balance.

Why Work Here

Join a dynamic, technology-centric organization that lets your career thrive. Flexible work scheduling, leadership development, employee recognition and organized fitness programs are just some of the reasons why talented professionals choose to work at InnovaSystems. And why we’ve been voted Best Place to Work in San Diego 3 Years in a row.

Working Life Balance

Understanding that life can be demanding with varied personal and professional responsibilities, we encourage a culture of balance and personal accountability—helping employees seek and maintain a healthy life/work balance so they can focus on (and enjoy) the things that matter most.

Knowledge & Diversity

We bring together highly skilled and uniquely talented folks with varied experiences across diverse backgrounds, recognizing that the sum total of shared knowledge produces powerfully creative solutions that our customers demand—and our employees can be proud of.

Trust. Empowerment. Excellence. Teamwork. Innovation. Passion.

These are the core values that power InnovaSystems International, and help our organization stay on course as a leading provider of information technology and software readiness solutions to the U.S. Department of Defense and our nation’s National Security Strategy.

“Working at InnovaSystems provides the professional challenges I seek to expand my knowledge and expertise in agile software development. As a project lead, I am continuously looking for new and engaging ways to help our team members grow and perform at their very best.” Don, 1 year

Empowering you, and your career.

We seek to empower talented professionals to perform at their best potential, to optimize their unique skills through collaboration and ongoing professional development, and thrive in a culture of excellence that embraces innovation in leading-edge technology development.

Make a difference. Every day.

Become an integral part of an organization that makes a difference every day by supporting our nation’s military. It’s every part of you—your talent, education, experience and unique perspective—that can make the difference.

“It’s a privilege to work with people that share my passion for quality work and continual growth. I feel empowered to make a difference, and that I can communicate with any level of management and be heard with consideration and respect.”

Amadeo, 10 year


Our employees are powered by skill and imagination, inspired by collaboration, and driven by unlimited potential that brings out their very best as architects of truly innovative software solutions.