Working for InnovaSystems provides a unique and rewarding career opportunity. Employees come to work because they know they are making a difference. We believe in teamwork, trust, empowerment, and innovation in reaching excellence in all that we do.

Working at InnovaSystems

We have a productive and professional culture. We believe in our employees. In both our software processes and in our team assignments, we foster individual autonomy, leadership, and direction according to the employee’s development level and planned goal of delegation. We believe leadership development is essential.

“We host social events throughout the year to help strengthen bonds among peers, departments and teams. We often celebrate company-wide accomplishments and the hard work of individuals, which reinforces our company culture and deepens employee engagement.”

“I really value the InnovaSystems culture of life/work balance. The flexibility provides a great benefit, allowing me to tailor my work schedule when needed to attend the needs of my child.”

Former Military

InnovaSystems is an Agile software development company that delivers high-quality mobile application development, technical, and IT Support Services to DoD, DHS, and federal, state, and local government agencies. We develop readiness, information management, and enterprise solutions that streamline and optimize disparate data sources and operational systems resulting in reduced costs, increased effectiveness, and accessibility. We have consistently supported military readiness and the National Security Strategy (NSS) by producing rapid results at a greater value and lower cost than our competitors. To meet these goals we employ a significant number of former military personnel with the skills and attributes that support our philosophy, values, and culture in delivering these solutions.

Management Philosophy

InnovaSystems is committed to delivering high quality and timely software solutions. We use an Agile approach to rapidly align our customers’ needs to our solutions. We believe in maintaining scoreboards that tell our employees what it will take to win. The key to this goal is the accumulation of operational knowledge, experience, and judgment within our teams and employees. Today’s knowledge worker must be enabled with resources, support, and empowerment in order to remain personally engaged in an actively changing environment.

We believe in hiring smart, self-motivated, and self-managed employees that want to work in successful high performance teams. To maintain this edge, we focus on fair pay, a respectful environment, creative assignments, and the celebration of individual and team successes. Our leaders work to develop employee opportunities on the job through increasingly challenging assignments, and also through connecting team members with skill development using our Organizational Training department.

Leadership Development

In order to meet the challenges of a changing environment and to ensure quality solution delivery to our customers, we place a significant investment in leadership development. InnovaSystems offers a variety of leadership development classes that incorporate principles from FranklinCovey, Ken Blanchard, Jack Welch, as well as others in the leadership field. These classes are offered to growing leaders through two select leadership programs, supervisory training, and development classes for all employees. The overall goal of classes and the leadership programs is to enable employee development, as well as to clarify and to align employees with the company culture. Our supervisor training classes include business acumen, situational leadership, performance scoreboards, supervisor responsibilities, and our goal-setting process. Some of the classes employees can participate in are FranklinCovey’s 5 Choices and 7 Habits signature. InnovaSystems realizes that engaged employees brings a competitive edge to our solutions.

Supervisor training classes include a variety of topics to enable supervisors to perform both the day-to-day administrative duties, and to help them with the development of their employees. InnovaSystems realizes that engaged employees bring an enabling edge to our solutions. Supervisor training classes are targeted toward challenging supervisors to enable employee and team development. The classes cover a number of topics including business acumen, situational leadership, performance scoreboards, supervisor responsibilities, and our goal-setting process.

Leadership Programs

InnovaSystems leadership programs are offered annually and are limited to nominated employees. Each nominee submits an application and interviews to enter the program. We currently offer two leadership development courses for employees to apply for:

  1. The Leadership Excellence Program, (LEX), focuses on high potential employees and preparing them for future leadership assignments.
  2. The Leadership Working Group, (LWG), focuses on improving the strength and knowledge of current leaders.

When taken together, our employee classes, supervisory classes, and our leadership programs align company communications and culture. They produce a cumulative positive effect on reducing costs and increasing quality that aligns with our customers’ needs. The primary reason for these results is stronger communications and relationships with employees and amongst our leadership team. Employees are motivated and engaged through strong supervisory leadership, opportunities, and good communication channels.