Working for InnovaSystems provides a unique and rewarding career opportunity. Employees come to work because they know they are making a difference. We believe in teamwork, trust, empowerment, and innovation in reaching excellence in all that we do.

Working at InnovaSystems

We have a productive and professional culture and believe in our employees and the customers we support. In both our software processes and in our team assignments, we foster individual autonomy, leadership, and direction according to the employee’s development level and planned goal of delegation. We strongly believe in leadership-development and self-development and support these through training and access to learning and leadership tools.

Working here is also a lot of fun. We host a variety social events throughout the year, raise money for charities through donations and company challenges and believe in a balance of work and life. We often celebrate company-wide accomplishments and recognize the hard work of individuals which reinforces our company culture and deepens employee engagement.

Veteran Military

InnovaSystems has a long history of supporting military readiness and the National Security Strategy (NSS). Our strategy of acquiring and retaining veteran military experts has proven vital in our ability to innovate and grow throughout the readiness domain. The discipline, skills, and leadership these men and women bring to their teams is of the highest value.

Management Philosophy

We believe in hiring smart, self-motivated, and self-managed employees that want to work in successful high performance teams. To maintain this edge, we focus on fair pay, a respectful environment, creative assignments, and the celebration of individual and team successes. Our leaders work to develop employee opportunities on the job through increasingly challenging assignments, and also through connecting team members with skill development using our Organizational Training department.

Leadership Development

To meet the challenges of a changing environment and to ensure quality solution delivery to our customers, we place a significant investment in leadership development. InnovaSystems is a learning organization that incorporate principles from Franklin Covey, Ken Blanchard, Jack Welch, as well as others in the leadership field.

Supervisor’s leadership training is made available as well covering a variety of topics to enable supervisors to perform both the day-to-day administrative duties, and to help them with the development of their employees. We realize that investing in our leadership will lead to engaged employees bring an enabling edge to our solutions.

Leadership training offerings include

Classroom Training

Classroom training throughout the year available to all employees focused on self-development, leadership development and employee growth.

Online Training

LinkedIn Learning is made available to all employees and specific trainings are assigned throughout the year for continued growth.