Our Mission

We create extraordinary solutions through innovative software and we accomplish this by rapidly delivering high quality products and services that exceed our customers’ expectations for value and excellence.

What We Do…

InnovaSystems is a leading provider of information technology and software solutions for the DoD, federal, state, and local government agencies. Headquartered in San Diego, California, our success has provided us with new opportunities year after year since the company was founded in 1997. We continue to develop solutions that incorporate leading edge technologies and innovation that greatly reduces systems and cost.

InnovaSystems is not content with the status quo; rather, we are inspired to innovate, design solutions, and create those solutions that engage the user. We provide an essential and vital service to support our National Security Strategy (NSS) through enterprise-level solutions that are more effective, accessible, and efficient while maintaining a lower cost than our competitors. Our focus is to provide quality enterprise solutions with an emphasis in Agile and Iterative Development; Data Management; Business Intelligence; System Architecture; Mobile Development; Premier Customer Service and Design at a competitive cost. We develop organizational effectiveness and readiness by optimizing disparate data sources and operational systems resulting in reduced costs, increased effectiveness, and accessibility.

Where We Started…

InnovaSystems was co-founded in 1997 by Chris Wollerman (CEO) and Lynn Hutton (CFO) in San Diego, CA. After spending 10 years working for large defense contractors, they set out to establish a different kind of company based on a set of core values and philosophy for developing software solutions. The principle-centered values focus on relationships and include specific behaviors around trust, passion, and teamwork. The name InnovaSystems comes from our value of innovation in our products, services and processes.

InnovaSystems is one of the first DoD contractors to incorporate an Agile approach to software development by partnering with the customer, working side by side with them on-site at military installations around the world, and delivering products in short iterations. The agile approach provides high value to the customer by offering the flexibility of evolving requirements while incorporating best practices for developing world class enterprise systems.


Global Force Management, Joint Military Readiness, and National Preparedness. Our detailed understanding of our customers’ business domain and their tactical and strategic challenges further strengthens their confidence and trust in InnovaSystems. Our structured process models result in our ability to effectively develop large complex systems through successive iterations, allowing us to respond to the needs of our customers while still maintaining strong process controls and required documentation.

Job Openings

If you’re interested in pursuing an employment opportunity with InnovaSystems and your background and skills match a current open position.

Where are we going.

Although we have grown into a large business, we maintain the small, family-oriented culture. To continue to thrive as a business, we continue to look ahead and understand the trends and environment that shape our direction in the future and move us swiftly to prepare for what lies ahead. We will continue to expand our reach and partner with customers who recognize our expertise to deliver a better solution. For customers such as the DoD, we will continue to deploy more rapid, flexible, innovative, and lower cost solutions to replace many of their expensive, outdated, duplicative, ineffective, or wasteful systems. We will diversify beyond our current DoD projects to help other branches of the military and other agencies that support the NSS. We will provide mobile-enabled, enterprise tools to help the work force become more effective at strategic execution. We have the leadership philosophy, toolset, and know-how to create world-class solutions that can help many organizations to achieve their goals.