Business Development

InnovaSystems Continues to Gain Momentum as a Leading Provider of Information Technology and Software Solutions

Some of our projects have been with us since the company’s inception. Other projects have been introduced along the way, providing us with new opportunities to demonstrate our expertise and extend our base of satisfied customers. Often, a project starts out as a small proof of concept and grows to become a significant system with many users and high impact. We are currently charged with the development and life-cycle management of several high profile systems for the U.S. Department of Defense. We are proud of the contributions that we are making to the security of our nation as we help make defense work more efficient and effective. We have supported and continue to support all service branches of the Department of Defense and some agencies within the Department of Homeland Security.

Working With Us

The software development world is changing all around us. InnovaSystems continues to thrive as a business because we understand the trends and environment that shape your business. We are always looking for new opportunities and have the experience, skill set, and passion to make your project a success. Contact our business development team for any questions, inquiries, or opportunities.

Success Stories

“The Innova Systems team continues to provide the right software to meet the needs of Marine Aviation.  Timely delivery of quality enhancements to the M-SHARP application are keeping the fleet in step with advancing technologies while maintaining a high level of usability.  M-SHARP has established a solid reputation for enhanced capabilities and quality reports that validate budgetary decisions, decrease operational risk, and maintain training and readiness standards.  Thank you for your continued support and commitment to Marine Aviation.”
– Lieutenant Colonel James Brown (Cybil), M-SHARP sponsor
“Last spring, we provided you an update on our plans to meet the Joint Staff’s request for the Global Force Management Data Initiative (GFM-DI).There was a question of whether we would make the deadline. Effective in March, Navy is officially “FOC” for GFM DI Task 1. All Navy operational forces are documented and properly represented in our systems.”
– Vice Admiral Burke OPNAV N4
“Thank you and well done to the folks who accomplished the challenge.”
– Vice Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Greenert
“The Contractor from InnovaSystems has been exceptionally receptive to our requests and have developed a very user-friendly product in less than a year. Last month, the DRRS dashboard was used as the centerpiece of our Quarterly Readiness Metrics.”
– Major General Joseph Votel, U.S. Army Chief of Staff