Innova Culture & Events – Introducing Codebrew

What is Codebrew?  It is a series of events that allows co-workers to come together to share their technical knowledge over a cold beer or two. Our mission is to create a platform to increase collaboration, promote learning and to share knowledge across teams/disciplines in a fun and engaging way. Topics can range from establishing AWS Code deployment pipelines to comparing front-end frameworks. Presentations can be PowerPoint slides or code walk-throughs. For our first Codebrew event, several of our team members gave “Lightning Tech Talks”; simple 5-10-minute presentations on a tech-related topic of interest. These are intended to be informal and focused on overall exposure of the topic rather than complex details. We had a great time chatting about React Hooks and unique features and tricks with Python. Thank you to everyone who joined us for our first ever Codebrew event! It was great to meet other team members and explore what technologies people are interested in learning (special thanks to Darrel for providing the Nintendo Switch and Innova for providing the food). We’re already planning our next event and we hope to see you there as we continue to increase collaboration, promote learning and share knowledge!