Visual Studio Online

InnovaSystems has been in the process of evaluating Team Foundation Server/Visual Studio Online (VSO) options for the past six months. Inspire, Company Solutions, DRRS-N, MSHARP, and CV-SHARP have helped pilot our efforts by analyzing the tools. These pilots have been an invaluable learning aid to establish the most effective migration path into our new Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) system. We are now readying the final rollout of the tools to the remainder of our teams. There are six basic steps to complete the rollout for each team:
  1. BU/Team Kickoff Meeting – discuss the process, verify teams, and review the current “baseline” license allocation plan based on our evaluation experiences. IT will schedule this kickoff meeting with each project before August 14.
  2. Detailed Licensing Plan – revise license seat types based on special needs, review installation process, train process, set final schedule
  3. Create and Verify Projects – VSO projects (Agile and CMMI) created for each verified license plan, connectivity verification, build process/lessons learned review, SharePoint Team Site Established
  4. Client Tests – Final project connection test
  5. Source and Doc Migration – Code migrated to VSO, Documentation and artifacts migrated to new Team Site
  6. Build Process Verification – Confirm successful builds
One significant difference between this effort and our last migration: we will not be supporting legacy work item migrations. When the company moved between TFS 2008 and TFS 2010, the work item mapping and migration process was a two year movement.   As our teams moved forward with the new tooling, their dependency on legacy work items naturally decayed over time. The large upfront investment in work item migrations was never fully realized as the majority of our software services efforts are “forward looking” with emerging needs being represented in the creation of new work items. IT will be maintaining a readily accessible instance of our TFS 2010 server to enable linking to important legacy work items to maintain traceability where necessary. A VSO “town hall” is being scheduled in early August to answer questions and provide some basic demonstrations and lessons learned information. IT will be reaching out to each team to schedule step 1 in our process to kick off each project migration before Aug 14.