SHARP 6.0 Afloat

The below email announces the stand up of SHARP AFLOAT 6.0
CDR Leonard, N40,  CNAF
The data base upgrades for SHARP 6.0 Afloat on Stennis were completed on Saturday. Paul Walker performed the upgrades and made sure the network application was functioning  normally. Marshall Grice conducted application testing and training to the Air Wing. Marshall relayed that the squadrons were very happy with the application performance,  and the access provided by being on the shipboard network. Overall it was a big win for us. BZ to Paul and Marshall, they did a great job get this up running in a new environment. Also, we would like to thank our development staff, the SHARP 6.0 Afloat application was a multi-year effort, from design to implementation to testing to install. They are very proud of their work.
v/r SHARP Project Team