Objective Key Results (OKR) Training

We recently announced our 2019 Goals and piloted an exciting Object Key Results (OKR) workshop for San Diego employees. This workshop was intended to be a stepping stone in achieving our vision of becoming a top employer and provider of choice in our industry. The OKR Workshop provided our team with practical insight for creating meaningful goals and a useful strategy with which to execute them. Our team is very happy with what we were able to accomplish! Best-selling author and consultant, Paul Niven was at the helm of this workshop. Paul is well-known for successfully helping hundreds of companies navigate balanced and achievable organizational strategies to spur growth in all facets of business. One example is Paul’s 2 Speed Execution (2SE) approach, which is basically a combination of an annual Corporate Balanced Scorecard and quarterly OKRs at all levels of the organization. You can read more details about this right here in Paul’s whitepaper: http://www.senalosa.com/download-my-new-paper-on-two-speed-execution/ In our time with Paul, we developed our strategy map for 2019 by breaking into small teams to create objectives for each of the 4 perspectives (Customer, Finance, Process and Learning). This was effective as everyone was involved and each team member had a voice in their small team, while Paul bounced between teams and provided valuable guidance and lessons learned. By using the OKR method to make these goals a reality, we will achieve our vision of becoming the employer, provider and investment of choice. The better we can get at the four identified areas, the better chance we have of improving and sustaining our winning culture. 2018 was our best year for new project growth with 5 major new-project wins and a higher rate of hiring since 2012. Our dream is to truly become a ‘best place’ to work in each of our regions. where engagement and retention are consistently higher than other organizations in our industry!