Million Step Challenge Site Goes Live!

We are excited to announce that our Million Step Challenge (MSC) Leaderboard is now available for employees, friends and family to view and pledge donations towards two amazing causes: Operation Rebound and STEP. Thanks to the volunteer efforts of several employees, our new site automatically synchronizes data from the three types of fitness trackers that our participants are using including the Apple Watch, Fitbit (all types) and Microsoft Band. As you can see from the scoreboard, many have already exceeded the 1,000,000 step mark with over a month to go in the challenge. The site allows anyone with a Facebook, Google or Microsoft account the ability to pledge donations for any MSC participant. Please help your team members reach their goal of raising at least $100 to help our wounded warriors and veterans in need which will be matched by the company 100%. To make a pledge, you need to first login to our MSC Site with a Facebook, Google or Microsoft account. From there, you can either click or tap on the ‘Pledge’ button next to a participant’s photo on the main leaderboard or select the new Pledge menu item, select the name of the participant, enter the amount and if you wish to remain anonymous to the participant. We will allow employees the option to auto-deduct any donations they’ve pledged from payroll after the challenge has been completed. Feel free to share this link with any friends and family members to help raise more donations. I’d like to thank our volunteer developers, Chad Christians, Noah DiCenso, Adam Sullivan, Mike Weber, Chris Story and Tyler Rothermund who sacrificed their time to make this site possible and to our two intern developers, Korey Hinton and Tommy Jensen who developed the iOS phone and Apple Watch app. These tools are awesome! Most of you know that I’ve been geeking out to fitness devices for many years now. Lynn used to laugh at me as I roamed around the house each night trying to get my daily 10,000 steps in with the original ‘Body Bugg’ back in 2008, then to various Fitbit and Motorola devices. Funny how it took a stylish Apple Watch to make her a believer and in true competitive form, has been trying to beat me every day in her step totals. Here’s a shot just after Lynn made passed 1 million steps a few days ago as we wandered around sampling Tequila in Sayulita, Mexico (about an hour north of Puerto Vallarta).   Later that day, she negotiated a matching silver bracelet with a Mayan calendar from a beach vendor. CEO-BLOG watch watch2