Innova’s Teen Week for iOS Development was a Huge Success!

Teen Week - 1 (4) Last week (7/27-31), 25 kids of our employees and neighbors ranging from 12 to 19 years old participated in our 3rd annual iOS development week.  Many of the kids had never taken a software class prior but left on Friday with a cool game app that they developed during our course.  Thanks to the outstanding efforts of Noah DiCenso, Korey Hinton and Tommy Jensen, the kids stayed engaged and interested all week and left with some great knowledge in iOS development.  Most of the participants attended our summer bash in Alpine with their parents on Saturday night and all raved about the opportunity. We intend to offer Teen Week again next year on both coasts and expect it to continue to grow. We also have strong interest in implementing this program in our school district and expect that it will be hit in all districts where we implement INSPIRE!  Our superintendent, Bruce Cochrane, attended part of the class on Tuesday and was blown away. Earlier this spring, he asked us to provide an estimate to get all 1700 district students trained and implemented in INSPIRE! which we will start on this fall and we expect to pilot our unique iOS dev for teens course soon thereafter. I kicked off the Teen Week with an introduction and told all of the kids that my primary reason for putting this on is to get them all working at Innova in the near future. I’m amazed at the level of skills and productivity at this age – one of my favorite and most creative apps came from a 12-year-old in the class. Check out their interviews and demos in my short video here: We also had great support from our INSPIRE! team to get the kids ready for back to school. Thanks to Jennifer Barajas, Max Masters, Haley Price, Nikita Wollerman and Kyle Peterson for all of their hard work in prep and support throughout the week.  And special thanks to Adam for the design of this conference ‘swag bag’ that we provided each student: Teen Week 2015 - 2