InnovaNet 4.0 Is Here!

The Company Solutions Team is proud to present InnovaNet 4.0, an all-new version of InnovaNet with a modern responsive design and leading edge technology. We’ve collaborated closely with the Inspire! team to craft InnovaNet 4.0 as a single page application (SPA) using the same technologies and methodologies as Inspire! to create a greatly enhanced user experience with modern code on the backend. Since it was not practical to re-write all of the legacy system right away, we’ve chosen to include the most used modules in this current version, including the home page, directory, employee profiles, schedule report, schedule change requests (SCRs), and timesheets. The biggest change can be seen on the home page, which now integrates aspects of the Comm Hub with the classic InnovaNet home page to create a single launching point for your interactions with company information and administrative tasks. This includes the launch of an all-new dedicated InnovaPulse site for company news. innovanet4One of the biggest updates that comes with InnovaNet 4.0 is the ability to use it on your mobile device. The site is responsive and has been optimized for interaction using a phone or tablet, so now if you need to enter an SCR or submit your timesheet on the go, it should be much easier than it was with the older system. We expect that this will make a significant difference for many employees, especially those who are frequently on travel. Another nice new feature is the ability to import your timesheet accomplishments from Inspire! or TFS. As we move forward, we will continue to look for ways to add value and make InnovaNet easier to use. We have automatically upgraded all employees to InnovaNet 4.0 as part of our release. While we really hope that everyone will enjoy using this new and improved version of InnovaNet, we’re still leaving the legacy system in place for a little while so you will have a choice of interface. If you decide that you prefer to go back to the classic version, you can revert back by clicking the link at the bottom of the InnovaNet 4.0 home page. To opt back into 4.0, just click the link on the banner on the classic home page. You can toggle back and forth as much as you like. Please note that within 60 days, we plan on transitioning all employees to InnovaNet 4.0 permanently and removing the ability to go back to the classic version, except for functionality that has not yet been implemented in the new version. We will also soon be retiring the Comm Hub along with the old InnovaPulse newsreader, although SharePoint will continue on to support document libraries and team sites. To get up to speed quickly on the new functionality within InnovaNet 4.0, please take a look at the Quick Start Guide. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us at We greatly value your input and look forward to hearing from you!