Innova Aircraft Carrier Tours

As part of our company’s 2015 #2 WIG to better understand our customers, we organized and held two aircraft carrier tours for employees this period. 75 Innova employees participated in the tour of the USS Ronald Reagan in San Diego and 42 employees toured the USS Harry S. Truman in Norfolk. Both tours were a big success and we look forward to holding more in the future. Special thanks go out to Pete Hunt in San Diego and Joe Clarkson in Norfolk along with their supporting staffs to organize these great events. In between tours during our town hall meetings, we learned about the Innova apps that are used on the carriers and heard some amazing sea stories from some of our aircraft carrier experts including Carrier Air Boss – Pete Hunt; Pilot – Chuck Henry; Pilot – Brian Brethen; and Carrier Commanding Officer – Joe Clarkson. As mentioned in my article “The App That Started Innova”, a key part of our success has been our close relationship and understanding of our users at the deck-plate level. Although we didn’t get a chance to bring these tours down to the secure areas of the ship where our users use our software, it was a great introduction for many employees to the people we serve. We have several employees who visit our users on a regular basis but I think it’s important for every employee to continually strive for a better appreciation of our users and customers. If you work on a project and have a security clearance, work with your PL and your team’s customer support personnel to take you on a support call – there’s nothing quite like it. sd-aircraft San Diego tour group 1 (of 3) on the USS Ronald Reagan nf-aircraft Norfolk tour of the USS Harry S. Truman with our FFC BUL and previous CO of the ship, Joe Clarkson in the center of the group. Here’s the follow-up letter I provided to the CO of the USS Reagan, Captain Bolt: Dear Captain Bolt, On Behalf of the entire InnovaSystems Team I would like to relay my sincerest thanks and appreciation for allowing us to take the tour of the USS Ronald Reagan on June 2, 2015.  MC3 Warne was very accommodating through the planning process and your Public Affairs Team was wonderful as they guided us around the ship.  Our team of over 75 employees who could make it onto the ship that day work in direct support of Carrier/ AirWing readiness and readiness reporting.  Among the programs we’ve developed and currently support are CV SHARP(CVNs), SHARP (Navy Air), M-SHARP (USMC Air), ACTS (ACTC System), DRRS-N (HHQ Navy readiness reporting), DRRS-S (OSD), and several others.  The tour provided great value to not only our team, but also the Navy/ Marine Corp team as we now have a much better appreciation as to how our software products assist in producing more efficient combat readiness at the deck-plate level. I would like to ensure we give credit to your fantastic tour guide team of: MC3 Kates, MC3 Shumaker, MC3 Mullen, MC3 Hastings They were professional, knowledgeable, well spoken, and entertaining as we moved about the ship and learned about the different departments and mission areas. The USS Ronald Reagan looked great and it is in good hands.  Thank you for the wonderful day onboard your great ship! Very Respectfully, Chris Wollerman