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BREAKING NEWS as of 9/8/15: We received word that our team just won the bid for DRRS-Army.  Stay tuned on Innova Pulse for a full article on this huge victory!Welcome to September and the unofficial beginning of fall.  The kids are back in school and here at Innova, we are ramping up our own learning.  Over the next two months, employees will have opportunities to attend training to build competence and mastery in several areas including technical skills, productivity, leadership, process improvement, customer service, and communication.Here are a list of upcoming training courses and learning events that we’ll be attending and offering this fall (click the links for more info): The details including dates, course content, and how to sign up will all be published on Innova Pulse in the coming weeks so stay tuned. In October, we will be holding an In-Progress Review (IPR) to present our latest innovations in readiness and technology.  We will hold an internal IPR first in late October to determine which solutions to emphasize and present to our customers later in the year. There have been many great things happening at InnovaSystems over the past month.  Here are a few highlights that you may have missed on Innova Pulse: I look forward to seeing most of you at our upcoming company events (see the company calendar in Outlook for more info):
  • MSC awards and potluck – 9/15
  • Innova Padres Tailgate Party – 9/24
  • 6th Annual Chili Cookoff – 10/1
  • Company all-hands VTC – 10/6
  • Town Hall Meetings (East) – 10/14-15
  • Town Hall Meetings (West) – 10/20-22
  • 19th Annual Halloween Bash – 10/31