drrs The DRRS-S team will start a new round of JITC testing on 14 September 2015. The focus will be on data comparisons with GSORTS/DRRS-N/DRRS-A/DRRS-MC in the areas of mission and resource data. In addition, the team will be performing another round of COOP exercises with a focused intent on COGNOS failover for all user reports. The team has worked hard these last few weeks trying to get everything completed in time for test. With luck, everything will go well and the test will conclude on 31 October 2015. We expect to hear final results in late November. — Jason Bergstrom
We’ve had a number of requests from people would like professionally administered Agile Alliance or Scrum Alliance training over the past several months. To meet these requests, we are excited to have secured the services of Operational Innovations who specializes in Agile/Scrum training along with Program and Project Management consulting. Alicia McLain will be working closely with the Process Group and the ASG to setup a series of short interviews across the organization to better gauge our current knowledge of Agile and the details of our process improvement efforts to deliver customized training for InnovaSystems. Additionally, Operational Innovations will directly observe some of our team meetings to see how we really operate to further hone the training content to meet our needs. The interviews and team observations conducted in September are driving towards an official class to be offered to approximately 20 of our employees in early November. If you are interested in attending the training, please contact Kim Coleman or add a training request in InnovaConnect.
Welcome to InnovaNet 4.0 and my new CEO monthly blog site! We’re excited to bring our employee tools into the modern technology world. Employees’ most used functions including Timesheets, Leave Requests, Schedule Reports, Directory, Profile and our Communications Hub are now integrated into a central site that works from any device. Check out the ‘Welcome to InnovaNet 4.0’ and Quick Start Guide for more details.Our first 18 employees shown below probably remember doing timesheets, travel reports and WWPA’s by hand. In January of 1999, we hired Tom Nawrocki to create automated versions of these tools and he’s been developing our business automation software ever since. Several of our senior developers have come up through the ranks of junior programmer, mentored by Tom on InnovaNet. Our goal is to continue hiring interns and junior developers to train them on our tools and process in Company Solutions, then promote them to developer positions on our project teams.empJust as I wrote in my article The App that Started Innova, the code we write stays around much longer than we expect when we are programming it. I’m sure Tom never expected that his early timesheet code would still be around 16 years later and I’m sure he and his team members are very happy to finally put it to rest. The timesheet module is pretty intertwined with other parts of the system including our invoicing system, charge allocations, budgeting, customer status reporting and more which is why it took us so long to finally redesign it from the ground up. Cheers to Tom and the InnovaNet team for creating “The App that Supported Innova” for the past 16 years and launching an exciting new redesign to take us into the next decade. As far as what to expect in my monthly CEO blog, I intend to highlight some of my favorite news stories and blogs from our new Word Press site to keep our employees informed and connected each month. Feel free to provide comments on things you’d like to me to discuss in the coming months. This month, be sure to check out the following: And checkout the Full version of Innova Pulse, filter on the Business Units or Employee Spotlight selection and please ‘Like’ or comment on any stories that were interesting or helpful to you. I’m sure the authors would appreciate knowing that there are employees like you reading their work and will be motivated to continue providing more articles in the future.